Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gallbladder Fun

On Monday I had my gallbladder removed. Kim and I were at the hospital at eight. About thirty minutes later our pastor showed up.
The nurses hooked up tubes to my veins in which they eventually injected some stuff that knocked me out. They put it in as they started to wheel me away and I wasn't quite aware that I was going to be knocked out already.
I woke up to the nurse asking me which kind of juice I wanted to drink. It took all of my strength to say "cran" and I just gave up with that. She returned with the cranberry juice and I drank it as best I could. I think they gave me some pills as well.
Eventually I was rolled to the van, only half-conscious. I slept most of the way home, I think, and then slept more when I got home. I had no idea I would be doing so much sleeping. I would wake up randomly. At one point I woke up and the clock read 8:30 and Kim was still home. I thought it was 8:30am the next day, but it was still the same night.
For pain, the doctor prescribed my oxycodone. Oxycodone is part of the same family of the well known oxycontin. I feel bad to anyone who has developed an addiction to this drug as the side effects are not fun. They make me feel tired, cranky, loopy and selfish.
They also make my senses really acute. Yesterday when Kim and I picked up Arianna from daycare, when she set the baby in the car it felt like the car tipped down about a foot. When I went to sleep last night I thought the fan in my computer was about to break. It sounded so loud to me and was driving me insane. When I asked Kim about it she said it wasn't any louder than usual. She turned the computer off for me so I could go to sleep.
Kim has been really awesome this whole time. She has had to get the kids ready all by herself in the morning and take them all to school. She has also been getting all of their stuff ready for school the night before all by herself. She has also been putting up with me. The drugs have made me really crabby. I think a combination of the pain and the meds has also made me pretty selfish. It has been really hard to be cognizant of others needs.
Today I am starting to feel more myself. I am doing my best to not take medication unless I really need to so I don't have to suffer through the side effects.
I have also been having to do school work through the week. This was much harder on Tuesday when my brain was still off elsewhere. I found it hard to use my mind too much, and when I ran in to problems it was hard to muster the strength to not just give up. I got a good amount done last night and will need to do more tonight.

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