Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Parent/Teach Conference

I just had a parent/teacher conference with Aurora's teacher. They are doing a conference with all Kindergartners parents to let them know what is going on.These things are really kind of embarrassing because when it comes to Aurora it's just a matter of listening to the teacher brag about how awesome she is and us bragging back. The same thing happened at preschool. We told her teachers at orientation that she is really smart and going to be beyond the other students but they didn't listen. Weeks later they just told us everything we told them. This was the same thing. As she went over each point of what they do in class she was just dumb-founded at how well Aurora is doing in each area. Math, science, reading, behaviour, etc.I really feel pretty conceded with all of this, even though I know that it's only part my doing. It's not my fault she is naturally so intelligent. I do play a role though because I do what I can to feed her desire to learn. I am just lucky to have a little girl who is such a sponge, and I can't take credit for that.I certainly hope Andrew is out there being proud of her. I know he always was and would continue to be so. She really is a gem.

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