Monday, November 5, 2007

Surgery recovery, and Rachel

Yesterday I finally took the tape off that held the holes in my skin closed for the last two weeks. Today marks the two-week anniversary of my surgery. It is something I am very happy to have behind me. I am happy to have my gallbladder attacks behind me as well as the surgery.I don't think I would classify me as being 100%, but probably 98%. Yesterday at the park I tried to do the monkey bars and could feel it in my wounds and had to stop.I am planning to get back in to roller blading (after over a year off) and I hope I hold up well for that. When I quit I could do 16 miles on blades, which was a real thrill. I would like to get back in to having those abilities, as well as getting myself better at stopping quickly and other stuff like rolling backwards, etc.
Our friends Rachel has been planning on moving to Tallahassee with her boyfriend and twins. I was going to call her on Friday and when I went to pick up the phone noticed I had messages. One of them was Rachel saying to call her immediately. I then realised the phone was not on its base, so I went to look for it. As soon as I turned around to start my search the phone rang. It was Rachel. She was just north of Gainseville on her way to stay with us for a weekend to do some house finding.I was really thrilled. I called Kim up and let her know the scoop. About the 2.5 hours later Rachel and company where at our house. Kim and I had done some serious picking up and getting the spare bedroom ready.They didn't find anything concrete but have a few good leads, including some places in our neighborhood. Steve, her boyfriend, spent most of his time looking for a place to park his business. He runs a tow-truck operation. He has a contract with AAA and they had work to do on Saturday and Sunday. He had two of his workers with him, put up in a hotel room.Having five kids in the house was a lot of fun. Her kids are just over a year old and get in to everything, as kids their age do. Kim and I had all five of them at one point and it actually turned out pretty well, all things considered. Another time Kim and I had all five at the park, which also went very well. The twins have a white mother and Nigerian (black) father. They have the skin tone most multi-racial (black/white) people. Kim and I had decided that if anyone asked that we would insist all five where our own blood. No one asked.Malachi, the boy, takes a while to warm up to men. It was Saturday night that he finally warmed up to me. He fell asleep with his head in my lap. I was happy to have him on my side. Magdelline, the girl, will go straight to anyone, no questions asked.Sunday night Rachel had dinner with us and a host of other people we invited over and headed back to Orlando to get some more stuff. She will be back Wednesday.

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