Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dogs attacked my cat today

Kim called in sick today because she was unable to find her keys, and she didn't notice until after I had left. So she called me crying because to pit bulls had attacked our cat, Sassy. She had heard something on our front portch and saw the two dogs out the window. A few minutes later she heard a scuffle and saw our cat in one of the dogs mouth, shaking her around. Kim picked up a ball and pelted the dog with it. This created enough of a distraction for Sassy to jet. She fled to underneath our neighbors house and wouldn't let Kim near her. That's when she called me.At work three out of seven people where out and we where pretty busy. I talked to my boss and he let me go home. When I got home Kim had already coaxed Sassy to come out and she was sitting on our bed. She looked alright, but was obviously in some pain. I gave Kim my key to the van and she and the girls took Sassy up to the vet. When I picked her up off the bed there was two small drops of blood on the sheets, but nothing major. I went back to work.Kim called me later and said that the vet wanted to keep her for a while and see how she was. She had called animal control, who found the dog that had Sassy in it's mouth. He took it back and said that whoever came to pick the dog up would be charge ~$250. This made me feel better because we often let our kids play in the front yard while we watch through the curtains. Hoepfully this will let the owner know he can't just let his pit bulls roam the neighborhood. I don't know if they are aggressive to people or not, but I'm not interested in finding out the hard way.

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