Tuesday, October 9, 2007


More posting for today. I just read a great post, and you can too. http://msevior.livejournal.com/17936.html
I can completely relate to this state of enlightenment. I've fealt it doing certain things. House work, school work, exercise, jiu-jitsu (when Idid it many years ago), etc. When in the zone the following things happen:
  1. Life seems infinitely worth while.
  2. I am the master of my current craft. Everything is done with ninja-like precision and accuracy.
  3. What I am currently doing seems to make perfect sense.

I used to frequently be in the zone when I was a cook at Cyrstal River. I could have 20 tickets on my board averagin 4 custmers on each ticket and I could tell you what was on every single ticket and have a game plan to how each one will be cooked and in what order in a way the was very efficient. At Crystal River the cook had a packer. The packer took the food from the cook and prepared it on the plate. My roommate Joe and I where the team and could very well zone together. When he was packing for me he could do the same thing on the board and I could short-hand tell him my game plan and he knew it perfectly. I could give him a bunch of food and he would know exactly what to do with it. We could take a full house and have them all eating in no time and keep it up for hours. We could very well at any point change rolls where he cooked and I packed and it was all very fluid. The rush was very intense.

There are also times when I'm in a slush. This is the opposite of the zone. I felt this last night while doing laundry. It didn't matter how much I worked at it, the laundy took forever. I finally got everything folded, sans matching socks, and then I called it quits. When not in the zone it seems that no matter how hard you work at something you make no progress at all.

This happens at times with homework. I can spend two hours writing a paper that seems simple enough and find I'm not even half way done, but I am completely out of ideas. Very much like that SpongeBob episode. Argh!

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