Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mario Kart!

For Christmas I intended to get the kids Mario Kart, but it turned out to be one of those hot albums you had to commit murder if you wanted to buy for Christmas. I figured I should be able to get it shortly after Christmas, but that didn't work out either. So I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that it would be a while.
Kim and I had also been wanting to get Wii Fit as a way to play games and stay in shape, and indoors, all at the same time.
So Kim dropped by some store yesterday after work to pick a few things up and finds both Mario Kart and Wii Fit and buys them. This is a pretty big deal because Kim usually only picks up such stuff begrudgingly. This time she hunted down and purchased them of her own volition. Cool stuff.
I had been playing Super Tux Kart some recently and I've really been enjoying that game. The game is more or less another incarnation of Mario Kart, but free and runs on Linux. I had even been poking through the maze of code in the hopes that I might understand it and be able to contribute.
Now that I've got Mario Kart I will be hard pressed to find a reason to play Super Tux Kart much anymore. Mario Kart is just a great game. It is fun in every way a cartoony racing game should be. Hours of my life will soon find themselves sucked into this black whole of happiness. I'll probably wait a few months and get another wheel. We've already got three controllers so there will soon by multiplayer goodness including family members.
Another great feature of Mario Kart, that pretty much any modern game worth its salt includes these days, is online play. I took my hand at competing with others across the globe and pretty much got my butt handed to me time and again, but that's alright. I hadn't even had the game for twenty-four hours at that point. It was fun to watch others go at it with me though.
I need to break down and get myself a fourth controller now so we can all play together.

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