Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aerobics for Art

About a week ago a saw a facebook event for Betsy Dale, and art major at FSU, trying to get people to be in her thesis fillm. The description read as follows:
This video collaboration with Chris Cameron will be part of my Honors Thesis as well as my BFA Grad Show. We've already done a test shoot with a smaller group of people, so hopefully all the kinks are worked out.

Basically, I will instruct the group to do simple repetitive movements in order to capture the way multiple bodies work together to produce one mass movement. YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT AEROBICS! The movements are based in aerobics, but are generally less aerobic and more awkward. I would like all different kinds of people - all ages, genders, backgrounds, fitness levels, etc. If you have a twin, please bring him or her.

The space is pretty big, so I need as many people as possible!

There will be food and I would owe you a ride, a drink, a something of your choosing. SERIOUSLY.... ask me and it's yours.

- Clothes you can really move in.
- Simple, mostly solid, colored shirts. I would like the result to be colorful, so if you have an unusual color, wear it. Also, collars are nice.
- Simple bottoms: jean shorts, tights, sweat pants.
- You will be wearing SOCKS only on your feet - no shoes. So please bring colorful socks.
- SUGGESTIONS: turtlenecks; I would like SOME people to wear an outfit with just one color (yellow shirt, yellow pants, and yellow socks; white shirt, white shorts, and white socks; red tank top, red sweat pants, and red socks.); knee braces or the things you wear when you sprain your wrist.
- I would like as much armpit hair as possible, so if you feel comfortable, please show it.
- Accessorize as much as possible. Bring any weird hats, gloves, belts, etc, you may have.
- Just bring stuff you want to wear and see if it works.

******If you are a twin please wear the EXACT SAME THING. Please try to look as identical as possible.******

- Don't wear anything with lettering or logos.
- Try to avoid the color black or any other very dark color, in high doses
- Avoid 80's aerobics.

Bring water and tennis shoes just in case.
I thought my orange jump suite would be perfect so this afternoon I threw it in the car with a pair of Kim's toe socks. On the way I started getting worried that maybe the jump suite would be a little too much, but it was actually quite a hit, even getting props from Betsy. The socks where pretty popular too. It was certainly more sane than the guy who whore a tight dress with Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe art for the print.
The filming was great fun. The tallest people stood in the back in the shortest in the front. Betsy sat on a stage near the camera and acted like an aerobics instructor. She emphasized that we make over-exaggerated movements. We all did our best to not giggle, because we where just having that much fun. We had two breaks, because the aerobics, with the over-exaggeration was pretty tough.
Pizza, cookies, drinks and vegetable plate was provided and kept us fed during the event. Afterwards I skidaddled over to Scott's for an omni-party, celebrating any and all holidays or reasons for celebration.

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