Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why drilling is not the right action.

Imagine you owe a member of the mafia $1 million. After holding this debt long enough they have warned you your life may soon be in imminent danger. You appeal to two of your friends for assistance.
The first friend is something of a slime ball and offers you this help. "I'll rape your mother and record it and my brother will pay you for the services." You ask how much he will pay and your friend tells you, "I don't know, probably $100."
Your next friend is a financial manager. He assures you that if you make some tough choices now, and work hard enough at it, he believes he can help you earn and save enough money to keep the mob off of your back so you can slowly earn enough money to pay them back.
Whose advice would you take? Why irreparably destroy our priceless habitat in exchange for such a small return when we can responsibly solve our problems? Why is there even a debate about this? I don't see what this has to do with conservative versus liberal. It's about pragmatism versus greed for a few.

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