Monday, February 2, 2009

Athena's Birthday

On Saturday Athena turned five years old. On her request we had her party at Chuck 'E' Cheese. We reserved out party for 10 AM. Chuck E's gives you lots of benefits for registering so early, and it also worked in our favor because at that time we practically had the place to ourselves. We also got double tokens.

Athena spent the day dressed in her princess dress. She spent most of the time at Chuck-Es oblivious to her surrounding, just eating up the situation. I followed her around holding her quarter and playing different games with her. She is still not old enough to play most of the games, but she still fumbled through them and had a great time.

Bo and Erica played with Aurora the whole time and they really enjoyed her. She went crazy on all of the games and the three of them where having a lot of fun.

Athena had various friends there too, but she really spent most of her time with just an adult watching her. Towards the ends, around twelve o'clock, we where getting ready to leave but we still had a lot of coins. We started playing the games where you just insert a coin and either win tickets or not. I thought with all of the token, and winning over two-hundred tickets we would be able to get some cool toy, but I think we just got some cotton candy and two small plastic toys. It didn't really matter either way as the games where more fun than the stuff we got with the tickets.

When we showed up we thought Arianna would be scared of the animatronics, but she was pretty curious about them and got really close. When Chuck-E came out to do the birthday thing, she was pretty scared. I held her off to a distance and she just stared in deep interest. At that age children are unable to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality, so I can only imagine that such a sight is quite weird.

She spent a lot of time with Judith playing with the different games. This worked out very well because usually Arianna, in a large crowd, will cling pretty hard to either Kim or myself. Judith was eating up Arianna's attention and would just endlessly let her to repetitive tasks that bore most people pretty quickly.

We had been to a few parties before where the presents weren't opened at the actual party, but privately afterwords. Kim wanted to do this and so we did. At home we opened the different presents and the kids began playing with them.

The day was a great success and Athena is as proud as any kid to turn five.

I will have pictures on this blog soon and on my picasaweb site, so check back probably tomorrow.

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  1. We SO hate to miss out on all the fun! Being in Cold Corn Country sucks!