Saturday, November 15, 2008

You know you're a nerd...

...when you are reading a web programming book and can't help but to shake your finger at each line of code in the book that is not written properly.
Example from the JavaScript book by Wrox Press I am currently reading.
<h2 align=center>Online Book Buyer</h2>
This should read like this.
<h2 align="center">Online Book Buyer</h2>
But it would be much more proper if done like this.
<h2 span style="text-align: center;"> Online Book Buyer</h2>
Another example is as follows.
<img src="pro_asp.jpg" border="0" onlick="return showDetails('pro_asp_details.htm')">
This is how it should look.
<img src="pro_asp.jpg" onlick="return showDetails('pro_asp_details.htm')" style="border: 0px">
<br /><br />
I think it is unprofessional to teach beginners bad practices from the start. I am hesitant to purchase thier XML or CSS books because I am not strong in either of these (hence why I would purchase the book in the first place) and do not want to learn bad practices from their books.

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  1. I'm one of the Wrox editors. Please send me a message ( and let me know the book title and author name so I can pass this feeback along to the author for an improved next edition. Thanks.