Saturday, November 15, 2008

No sugar diary

Oops, it looks like a missed posting yesterday. Thursday I ate some noodles with sauce that has nine grams of sugar per cup. I probably had a half cup to three quarters cup of sauce on my noodles. everything else has been completely sugar free.
The real challenge for this sugar free week has not been food. Sure, my has browns this morning would have been better with katsup, but that's not where the temptation has lied. I really just want to drink sweet tea and juice. This desire has permeated my being all week long. This is what it must be like to be a junkie on detox.
Yesterday I ate at Bandido's Burritos with Aurora and Joe Brightbill. Without thinking I ordered myself a soda. When I started to pick out a drink I realized my mistake. Luckily Joe ordered a water. I offered to swap cups and he was happy to oblige.
On the plus side I have been drinking a lot of my specialty teas and have been really enjoying them.

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