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Through a topic brought up on I found happen to be a fan of conspiracy stuff. Most conspiracy stuff is really boring. Other theories are really quite fun. I find the fun ones are the ones that you can pretend to apply to real life. It's like a scary movie. If the movie makes you afraid to step out in the dark, or sleep in a room all alone, then it was a good scarie movie. It is good because it has effected your personal life, which is the thrill that you where seeking.As a kid we imagine a lot of what-if scenerios for entertainment. I used to image 'what-if I was in the Super Mario game?' The idea that slow moving mushroom thingies could be easily stomped on, and break would break at the will of my forhead seemed quite fun and absurdly ridiculous at the same time.So, the idea behind neverkin is that there are mystical people in this world that have one way or another become trapped in a human's body. Some are born human and others inhabit another human's body after they where born. The website goes in to details on their theories on how this might happen and how to discover if you are one of these otherkin, also called "The Aware."One article on the website describes what they believe like this:

"Otherkin", simplistically defined, is a person who is in some way other than
human. Some have memories of being something "other" in a past life; some are
conscious of "ghost" body parts, such as wings or horns, that humans don't have;
some are genetic anomalies; and some just feel like general misfits in human
society. I have yet to meet an Otherkin who is not currently human (or mostly
human), but they all have a certain "otherness" quality about them.

I read through many of the articles on the website and I believe that these people really do believe what they are saying. I am sure that there are plenty of pranksters out there posting that they believe this and that when in real life they are just poking fun or looking for a reaction. But, it seems that many of these people are being honest.I am curious how one comes to such a conclusion. I think it is obvious to state, and they admit it on their site, that most of these people grew up feeling very different and out of place in this world. That is probably a good way to start believing that maybe you feel this way because in reality you are not one of them. But it also seems to go deeper. Many of these people claimed to have always felt something extra. One claims he has an elf in his head. Another says he can feel his wings. Many claim to have very distinct memories of the past.These memories are actually an important part of their coulture. For those who had not previously had distinct memories and have their first rush of memories they call this their awakening. This is when they first realise the true nature of themselves. The experience is reportadly a big emotional rush that can take hours to recover from.I really wonder what can be going on with these people. The only good explenation I can come up with is that they are in middle school. I knew some people in middle school who may have probably been suckered into believing they where one of these. The site claims that many are actually adults or at least in College.They also report to have get togethers. I wonder how far they have to travel to have a good sized group of people.I can only stereo-type and say these people are probably your average annoying goth kids. They are probably also probably exceedingly annoying to talk to. They will make stupid claims about their mental problems or being obsessive compulsive or a pyro maniac. They may also make up that they are suppose to be on drugs such a Zoloft. As Zim once said, "You're not a freak. You're just stupid." If you have ever known someone who is one medication such as Zoloft or is obsessive compulsive, then you know that they are not proud of it and certainly don't make that the topic of discussion the first time you meet them.I imagine these people are in this same group of people, but have taken their ridiculous delisions to a new level. They have gone beyond trying to being some sort of interesting circus freek, to convincing themselves that the real reason they are different, and the real reason behind their fantasies is because their fantasies are real. Their social isolation has gotten the best of them and driven them too far.As a child who didn't ever really fit in, I can relate to how they felt growing up too. As an adult who still feels like this world was built for someone that is nothing like me, I can understand how this may still be traveling with them as adults. I too feal like the world for me must exist somewhere out there in some cosmic nether region. But these are really just fantastic ways of me understanding that I'm just not average. It's like delving in to a book and fantasisieng that you are on the journey that you are reading about. Or being with your cats and pretending that for a few minutes you are one of them for a few moments. It makes the pressure of reality go away for a few moments. This temporary and healthy escape has been shown to even improve health.I guess with the 6 billion people that live on this earth, it shouldn't come as a surprise that some mistake their strong affection for cats to mean that they where a cat in their previous life. The thing is, that if you read their site they get incredibly specific about different races. It is much more precise than "I feal I was a cat in a previous life." These people have really worked it out in to as much of a science as trying to classify species. They have theories on what makes on an imp or a gargoyle or a unicorn.I think these people are probably on the same level as people who have gender identity problems. People with gender identity problems will often swear that they are really a man trapped in a woman's body or vice-verse. For them this feeling is very strong and real. They say they have felt it their whole entire life, even since they where a small child. It's easy from someone on the outside to tell them that they need to look no further than in between their legs to find out what they really are and they just need to get over it. For these people who have to live with this every day it is a very real dilema as much as anything tactile like trying to pay bills or keeping gas in your car. For these otherkin, they too claim to have felt they where another being ever since they where children. The dilemma of not fitting in to the human culture is an every day reality they have to live with. As far as I know they do not yet have race or species changing operations yet.Here are some good quotes from their site:

am not a living, individual person in the traditional sense... rather, I'm
'taking a holiday' in someone else's body. Or rather, hiding out. Gynn,
unfortunately, is not doing very well, which means I get complete control.
Somebody save me.

Like most of you, I felt as though I had found something that I had sought all
my life. I had all but convinced myself that the sensation of phantom wings was
an illusion; and my sense of being different was nothing more than the lingering
effect of childhood trauma.

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