Monday, November 10, 2008

Sugar Free Week

This week I am going to cut out as much sugar as I can. The most drastic area this will affect is my sweet tea drinking. I easily drink gallons of the stuff every week. I will instead be drinking some specialty tea from Darjeeling, India. Sodas are out too, but I don't drink much soda. Foods that are high in sugar, like barbecue sauce will be a no go as well. I will not be paying attention to foods that turn in to sugar after digestion, such as rice.
My intent is not a long term sugar-free diet, but it is just a go at paying attention to how much sugar is in the different foods I consume.

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For cereal I have Kashi's 7 Whole Grain Puffs, which is completely sugar free. For lunch I will continue to eat my Tabatchnick soups.

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Today's soup is the Tuscany Lentil Soup which has 3g of sugar. This is about par for Tabatchnick soups. Dinner will probably prove to be more difficult and I don't have any plan yet. I should probably run up to the grocery store tomorrow and plan out the week.
I will be posting each day about how things are going. So far I have only had about a quarter cup of apple juice. Everything else I have consumed has been sugar free.