Friday, May 8, 2009

Volkswagen Fail

I picked up the Volkswagen from Radical Car Care yesterday after work. I showed up right as he was closing up shop, and when I pulled out it was just me and Aurora. There is a gas station about 200 feet from the shop, and I only had a gallon in the tank, so my first stop was gasoline.

As I drove towards the station there was this weird knocking coming from the underside of the van that was weird.

I pulled in and put $10 in the tank and looked underneath and I couldn't find anything that looked like it would be knocking. I didn't want to take any chances and decided I would drop it back off at Radical for Curt to look at.

The map to the left illustrates the route I took attempting to make it back to the shop. A is the location of the shop, the gas-station is at the first corner and B is where I parked it. The knocking got more worse and I was scared I was going to cause some sort of damage getting it back to the shop. A nice old lady let me park it on the side of the road in her yard, and I promised her I'd have it moved the next day.

Aurora and I walked back up to the shop and got in our Oldsmobile van and drove home. At this point Kim and I are not feeling all that great about owning this van.

I slid the key under the shop's door, and got in contact with Curt. He's going to go take a look at it today.


  1. The van is sounding like quite the adventure! Hopefully it's something easy to fix - and cheap!! Good luck!

  2. "Adventure" is exactly how I sold it to Aurora when we had to walk back to the shop.
    However, an adventureless vehicle is seeming more and more appealing.

  3. I second that, David!