Saturday, May 30, 2009

RSS feeds for any professional

While looking around today I noticed something really cool. While I plan on keeping my current job for a long time to come, I believe that any professional has a duty to themselves to always be congnicent of what kind of opportunities are out there. In this spirit you can now get RSS feeds of job postings in your area. So on I selected Tallahassee, Fl and IT/Software Development and then clicked RSS Feed button below the job listings. Now, every time I go to check on my current feeds I get updates for new software development positions in the Tallahassee area. another job hunting website that specializes in IT Jobs has the same feature and I signed up for their feeds as well.
Again, I'm not looking for another job, but I would hate to know that the perfect job was out there with an opening and I was ignorant of it. It is also just generally useful to know what the industry out there is currently looking for in software engineers.

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