Monday, May 19, 2008

Vicky and the truck

Zeke and Vicky had their car stolen a couple of weeks ago. So they called me and wanted to know if they could have their Dodge Dakota back. Vicky came down by bus on the eleventh. We had a good day. It was mothers day so we went to Cabos and met Kim's sisters there for brunch. Anne met us there but Stanley was throwing a major fit about not wanting to wear shoes. It was so bad that Anne had to leave.
After brunch we went back home and got the truck ready. We took all of our stuff out. We still had a bunch of Zeke and Vickie's stuff from when they moved to Washington, so we loaded that all up in the truck. Athena and I then washed the truck. It needed it desperately, and I had meant to get around to it anyways.
So then Vicky left and drove the truck home.
A few days later the police recovered their car. It was not far from their house. The paint had been scratched up, the upholstery had cigarette burns, and most of their stuff had been stolen. It also stinks very badly.
We had lost our key to the gray van, so I had to have a locksmith come out and make a key, which cost ~$85.

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