Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hardy update

I had too many problems with Hardy on my laptop. The wireless driver has been compiled in to the new kernel, but doesn't seem to work. I can get it to work by installing Gutsy, grabbing all udpates, and them upgrading to Hardy. This will let me use the Gutsy kernel on Hardy. The only problem is that programs that need kernel modules, such as Virtual Box, only have kernel modules for the Hardy kernel in the repositories, so they won't run.
There where also some various other problems such as the volume and screen brightness buttons on the laptop had a long delay before the changes took affect.
The biggest improvement with Hardy on this laptop is that video acceleration works flawlessly. In Gutsy if I turn on video acceleration I cannot playback videos. So every time I want to playback videos I have to turn off video acceleration and then turn it back on when I am done watching videos. The easiest work around for this is to simply not use video acceleration, which just means no wobbly windows or desktop cubiness.
On the girl's desktop it has been running Hardy since it was Alpha. Thing where shaky in the beginning, but now it runs very well. I am very happy with it's performance on their machine.
At work I use Wubi. It install Ubuntu inside of Windows, as opposed to requiring you to repartition your hard drive or anything else drastic. It then gives you the option on bootup to run either Windows or Ubuntu. If you choose Ubuntu it runs Ubuntu from the data that is stored inside of Windows. It seems to run great, by initial reaction, but at work I do have to work and not play, so I haven't had much of a chance to try it out. I am going to have to find all the Windows apps I run for Windows in a Linux form. We do lots of Oracle and Java stuff and most all of that is built in Linux, especially the Oracle stuff. There is some other software I'm not so sure about. I will have to do some digging during my lunch breaks.
Very soon I will be doing a clean install of Hardy on my desktop. I'll blog about how that goes when it goes.

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