Monday, May 19, 2008

Arianna's first birthday party.

Saturday we held Arianna's first birthday party at my parents house out in Sopchoppy. Kim bought some bouncy balls and playpen balls for the party.
Nick was there with his fiance and two kids Ashton and Angel. Aurora immediately took to Ashton and they played together most of the time.
My mom had bought a kiddy pool. We filled it up with water and playpen balls, which made for much fun to be had by the kids.
I was actually pretty excited about getting the balls. I had wanted to get some playpen balls for quite some time, but never had a good enough excuse to make the purchase, and I didn't expect that Kim would be to keen on the idea. So to have Kim bring up the idea and take the initiative to get them was awesome.
Athena did not take any naps all day long, but was still good for the whole day. She got a lot of presents. I got Aurora and Athena SpongeBob Season 4 part 1. We usually get the other kids a present for the others birthday. Just this one half of SpongeBob season four cost almost forty dollars. I wanted to get teach of them one half, but it was way too expensive.
Saturday night we let Ashton stay over at our house. This made all the kids really excited. Ashton slept on the top bunk with Aurora. The next morning I made pancakes, we got all of our stuff ready, and then we headed back out to Sopchoppy.
Nick helped Danny replaced a water pump and then he had to leave back for Pensacola.
After that, all of us except Danny went to Apalachicola. We had dinner there and looked at the scenery. Afterwords Kim and I gathered our stuff and went home.