Friday, June 17, 2011

South-East Tour Day 6 - Trip to Memphis

This morning we ate breakfast and left for Memphis.  Kim punched in the address to the Volkswagen dealership in Memphis and we left.  I spent most of the trip driving between 60 to 70 mph and the van held up very well under these conditions.
We arrived at the dealership at 5:15 and I was feeling pretty good about making it when I hit the key and accidentally turned off the van in a place that was not very good for push starting, which kind of killed my high from making it.  Mark at the dealership told me how to get to the place that had my starter, but they where closing in fifteen minutes, and I still had to push-start my van, which wasn't going to happen in time to get there and picked up the starter.
Mark arranged to have them get the starter the next day since we already knew where they where at, which we agreed to.  Kim and I tried to push start the van but it wouldn't work.  Finally a mechanic shop hooked the van up to a large truck with towing cables and pulled me as I popped it into gear and got it started.
Kim was pretty stressed about not getting the starter today, having to push start the van so much today, and that our campsite was so far away, so we agreed to get a hotel again that was near the dealership so we could get it early and I could get started on installing it as early as possible.
This afternoon we ate at a pretty good Mexican restaurant called Happy Mexican and swam in the hotel pool.  I am looking forward to getting our trip back on track tomorrow.

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