Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great tea for cheap

Today as I was drinking on my tea that my sister bought me I became curious about how much a cup costs. The tea is Monkey Picked Oolong from Teavana. Two ounces cost twenty-five dollars, putting it at $200/lb. That sounds pretty expensive at first, until we break it down.

The instructions for the tea say you should use one teaspoon of leaves for an eight ounce cup. Two ounces is twelve teaspoons, so you should get twelve cups per ounce. Each ounce of leaves can be used about five times before the flavor is too diluted, giving you sixty cups of tea for two ounces of tea leaves.

This finally gives us .41666... cents per cup. This sounds much cheaper, especially in comparison to the cost of coffee at Starbucks. So at $200/lb, I get tea at $0.42/cup. My pocketbook can handle that.

1 comment:

  1. I love buying you tea! You're hard to shop for (except for Wii games) and this is easy, good for you, and that I can get here easily! And apparently economical too!