Friday, December 26, 2008

Caroling, Christmas, and Naga Jolokia hot peppers.

Monday night Kim, the girls, and myself joined some friends for a night of caroling. caroling It was an incredible experience. We had a printed list of Christmas songs with lyrics and we ran around a neighborhood knocking on doors and singing songs to unsuspecting residence.
Yesterday, for Christmas, we started off with Judith, Stephen, and Nanny coming over to open up presents at 10:00. We all had a great time. Athena was Santa and passed out the present to everyone.
Around 11:30 my mom, Danny, Missy, Cody, Bo and Erica came over. Everyone brought over some food and I made some waffles from scratch. After eating we opened presents. The highlight was Danny's gift. He got guitar hero from Missy and Bo. We hooked it up to our Wii and took turns playing. Danny picked it up pretty fast playing the easy songs.
Missy had grown some Naga Jolokia hot peppers from seeds and brought them over. She offered five dollars to anyone who ate a whole pepper. The thing about these hot peppers is that they are considered to be the hottest pepper in the world. At one point I took one out with the intent of slowly eating it. I found the smallest one and cut off the tip and ate it.
The heat in hot peppers lie in the white plasenta wall. If you eat around that part you will not get any heat. The tip was not hot and I was going to cut further when Bo walked up and just popped the whole thing in his mouth. I grabbed some milk and immediately poured him a glass.
The heat comes on slowly so he was okay at first. When the heat finally kicked in Bo started at the milk. Eventually tears began to pour from his eyes and sweat from his fore-head. As long as he kept the milk in his mouth he was alright. He downed about three glasses of milk before he was alright to just be in pain and deal with it.
When he was done I reached in the bag and found a regular sized peppers and popped the whole thing in my mouth. Like Bo, the heat did not hit me very hard at first, though I had a glass of milk on standby. After a couple of minute the burn set in. Keeping milk in my mouth helped dull the pain a little. After each swallow I had to immediately drink more.
Everyone stood around while Missy took pictures.
When the pain first hit I could feel my forehead throbbing. My whole face felt like it was on fire with my mouth being the focal point of it all. The motion of breathing, the air going in and out of my nose or mouth, hurt pretty badly as well. The least painful position was a mouth full of milk and breathing through my nose.
As time went by the pain began to subside to the point that the pain was bearible and the ability to maintain some sort of composure was again restored.
The experience was quite amazing, and I probably wouldn't mind doing it again sometime.

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