Friday, October 3, 2008

I joined a movement, and didn't know it.

A few months ago there was a lot of news about the exponentially growing food shortage problem, propelled recently by the use of corn and other produce to produce fuel. Kim brought up the idea about reducing our meat consumption, since the meat industry really drains the food supply by diverting vegetables away from markets and into cows, producing less food out than comes in. We agreed that we would stop buying meat for the house. We would still eat meat, but we just wouldn't prepare it around the house. Over the last couple of months I think we have broken this twice.
So apparently this is a new fad called flexitarians. Basically, people who have no desire whatsoever to cut meat out of their diet, but are interested in drastically reducing their meat consumption to much more sane levels.
During a work day my diet usually consists of a bowl of Kashi cereal with soy milk (I'm looking to go rice milk for a while once this last jug is gone.) For lunch I eat a bowl of Tabatchnick soup, which is vegetarian, and most are also kosher. And for dinner I eat whatever we are having at home. Some school night I pick up some fast food, which usually consists of a chicken sandwich, and about once every-other week Kim and I eat out, which usually includes a meat dish too.
I don't really feel any different (people often have "Whoa" stories to accompany diet changes), but the food I'm eating isn't any less good either. In fact, I've always enjoyed vegetarian food.

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  1. We do something very similar. I don´t cook red meat in the house at all (except the occasional ground beef) and we aim to eat at least 2-3 vegetarian meals a week at home. The rest of the time at home we mostly eat fish and chicken. We don´t go out much but when we do it´s mostly to either try something new vegetarian or for Cody to eat meat - I don´t eat meat outside the house at all (I hate the quality of meat restaurants serve these days - even the chicken is fatty and yucky - I can get better frozen chicken for cheap at the grocery store). Good for you guys for raising your kids ¨flexible." :)