Friday, July 11, 2008


Aurora had watched a video cast of some guy making butter and really wanted me to help her make some. So I watched the video and saw what the guy did. It was pretty simple. Let whipping cream sit out for ~12 hours, put it in a jar, forcefully shake the jar in hard deliberate shakes.
It just so happens that I had a little tub of whipping cream, so I set it out yesterday morning before I left for work. I had poured it into a water bottle.
When I got home last night we took the bottle and gave it those deliberate shakes the man did in the video. After about thirty minutes we didn't really have much. I thought that maybe there was too much cream in the bottle so I poured about half of it into a cup. Sure enough, after that we had some action in just a couple minutes.
What came out looked a lot less like butter and a lot more like whipped cream. There was suppose to be some butter milk run off, and we didn't have any of that. I was a little worried we had created whipped cream and not butter.
I had bought some bread at Publix, because Aurora insisted that the man on the video cast said we needed "fresh bread", so our week old bread in the fridge wouldn't cut it. So we put our "cream" on the bread and it was really good. Athena enjoyed it too.
I put the rest of our cream in a container and put it in the fridge. About an hour later is resembled butter a lot more.
When we run out of this we'll try again, but with our water bottle not too full from the beginning.

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