Monday, March 3, 2008

Gimme gimme shock treatment

Last week at work the door that is behind my desk was shocking the hell out of me. It seemed to only shock me and Bill. Nobody else. And when it shocked me it was a good little jolt. There was only way around this. If I held on to the metal part of a key and touched the key to the door it would discharge us without shocking me, and then I could grab the handle. Sometimes the key and the door handle would create a nice little arch. The outside part of the door handle did not shock me, which is pretty odd too. The door handle to the microwave had the same problem.
Bill said when he was my age he got shocked pretty badly during the cold dry season as well. He says he still gets shocked, but not as badly. What in the world causes this? Why is my body so much more electric? It's a strange phenomenon to me.This week the handle doesn't shock me, but my blood pressure raises a few degrees each time I touch the thing.

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