Friday, February 1, 2008


Arianna has just start really crawling. She had been pushing herself around for a while, but she could never make it more than a few feet. Now she is actually crawling and is starting to make some real progress in mobility. She also has four teeth in now.
I am really enjoying watching her personality grow. She is very lively and loving. I think she will be a cudler just like Athena and I are now.
Her preference for Kim is really starting to show. This is one of the hard parts of being a dad. Kids (at least girls) just like their moms better when they are very young. Aurora is pretty much over it, but Athena is still holding on to that. The best I can do is take every opportunity with her to have a lot of fun and show her just how much fun being with me is. It's a lost cause really though.One of her favorite things to do is jump. I will hold her hands or on to her waist and say "jumpin' jumpin' jumpin'" and she will bounce up and down with some assistance by me. She really gets a kick out of it.Another is for me to grab her hands and her punch my face. This is amusing to no end for her. It's pretty funny.
I have been making all of her baby food, except the last week when we ran out and I didn't have any money to buy any new fruits or vegetables. We have a bunch of baby food Rachel gave us that we have been using for backup. Kim went grocery shopping the other day so tonight I plan on making some more food for her. The difference in taste is incredible.
We have been making her go to sleep by herself the last two weeks. We used to just have her lay down with us, but now she is getting so big and taking up so much space it is time for her to use her crib full-time. The transition is hard, but she is starting to get it. The fact she is cutting teeth doesn't help any. We have to make sure to pump her with Advil a few minutes before laying her down.
Speaking of cutting teeth, she is doing much better with this than any of the other girls did. with Aurora and Athena life was hell when they were cutting teeth. With Arianna, she is mildly cranky during the evening, but not much else. That completely rocks.

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