Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am really enjoying watching Athena as she grows up. She is at the point now where she is able to begin learning how to read and count. She can count in the twenties, but she usually skips seventeen and eighteen. She cannot recognise all the letters of the alphabet, but we are working on it.
Of the three girls she is the snugliest of them all so far. She really enjoys sitting next to someone and cuddling up real close. Her sense of affection is very strong.
She really loves Aurora and can get pretty jealous of the things that Aurora can do, but she is not old enough for yet. When we got home from rollerblading yesterday, she put on Aurora's rollerblads and walked around the house. It was very cute. It is very hard for her to understand why we can't take her out to do these things.
One problem we have to work on is when her and Aurora play, Aurora is very bossy. Aurora makes up games that basically entail Aurora telling Athena to do something, Athena doesn't do it, and then Aurora gets really mad. Sometimes Athena does try hard to do what Aurora is saying, but Aurora doesn't understand that Athena is three and doesn't quite understand as much as she does. When Athena tries to have a say in what to do Aurora gets frustrated and tells her no. I keep having to pull Aurora aside and tell her that it's not nice to play with someone by just bullying them around and doing things only her way.Overall they do do very well together as far as sisters go. I understand Kim and Katie where always at each others throats. For example, last night Athena was riding on Aurora's back while Aurora crawled around the house pretending to be a lion. It was very cute.
Right now Athena is being watched by Rachel during the day. I really thought Athena was going to love this, but she misses going to daycare where she has a lot of friends that are her age. As much as we would like to put her back, using Rachel saves us a lot of money and it also provides Rachel with a steady and consistant income. So it is a win-win situation.The owner of her previous day care did have me come in and fix a computer problem in exchange for a few days of daycare for Athena. Her first of the three days will be on her birthday, which is tomorrow.

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