Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get ready West Coast.

Kim and I are planning a trip to the west coast this summer.  We are going to start by dropping the kids off at Kim's parents in Sacrament and then camp at Yosemite Park.
Initially I just thought this would be cool, but as I look into the logistics of camping at Yosemite I'm realizing that it is: 1) More difficult to figure out how camping there works, and 2) Going to be completely amazing.  Of the thirteen camp grounds they have, seven will be open at the time we are planning to arrive (June 12th.) Of those seven, five take reservations.  Having a reservation is a must as I don't plan on showing up, only to realize all sites have been taken.
I'm having a difficult time picking the one that most interests me.  Ideally the one that has the fewer amenities and are the more secluded.  To me, the best camping is running out in the woods with a backpack, shovel and roll of toilet paper.  We won't be going quite that far, but I'd prefer to not be camping next to a Winnebago if I can help it.
The website warns that camp sites get reserved in minutes after reservations go live.  The earliest time to reserve for the time period we will be there is January 15th, so I've marked my calendar and asked Google to send me e-mail reminder the day before and day off reservations.
After Yosemite Kim will go to her parents and I'm going to Seattle to spend a few days with my friend Michael Bassage-Glock.  I haven't actually called him yet to tell him, but I think I'll be getting on that soon.  I'd really like to take the train up there, but I'm afraid the trip might be crazy long and may just opt for flying if I have to. Actually I just checked and it appears that if I leave on the 17th at 12pm (their only departure to Seattle), then I will arrive at 9pm the next day, so the train might not be the best option.
After a return to Seattle, at some point the whole family will make our way down to Apple Valley, CA to visit with my dad.
In all, this summer trip should rock harder than most anything I've ever done.  I'm quite looking forward to it.


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  2. Seattle, with Mike, Brooke and Families is a blast! You won't be disappointed.

    Are you driving to California?

  3. Sounds like fun. Yosemite is gorgeous. Maybe pay a visit to San Francisco too..