Monday, June 16, 2008


Ever since I first heard Barack speak, I have been a fan of his. I am not a Democrat, and voted Nader the last two elections. The last two Democratic nominees sucked pretty badly, and it was an offense to think that I would just shut up and vote for them.
Every time I hear Obama speak I am reminded why people by the millions are clamoring behind him. Yesterday Obama spoke at a church. While most church's yesterday where talking about how awesome fathers are, Obama took advantage of the moment to highlight a real problem that is causing real problems in our society. This problem is even more pronounced in Black communities, and is probably one of the leading contributors to the problems blacks face every day. What he highlighted was the important roles fathers play in the lives of their children, and how the overwhelming failure of fathers is creating major social and economic problems. If you do not believe that Obama is real, and not just fluff you must watch this video.
One other issue this highlight is Obama and religion. There has been a real push by the right smear-mongers to paint Obama up as a Muslim in Christians clothing. Despite the lack of any facts to back this up, the rumor presses on. Obama came to know Jesus through his own searching. McCain on the other hand was raised a Christian but seems to be more of a "non-practicing Christian" than anything else. Those of faith, who find such things improtant when picking a president, should have no doubt who the clear leader is in the religious area.

The video: