Monday, March 31, 2008

Courtesy on the road

I was driving to the Wal-Mart in Crawfordville taking a road that is miles of nothing in the middle of nowhere. The speed limit slowed from 55mph to 45mph. Just as I was hitting 45, a car comes up behind me and crosses on a double-line. It was clear that if a vehicle was coming from the other direction, that we would not be able to see it. So I popped the clutch to slow down just a little bit and let the guy in easier when a car starts coming in from the other direction. At this point I applied the breaks to the point that I was probably only going about 30. The passing car turns back in to our lane, making it withing about 1/8 of a second before a head on collision in what would have been at least a combined impact of 80mph, but probably more than 90mph.
A few things of note.
  1. The selfish act of the guy passing me could have resulted in at least two people dying. One of them would have been someone driving safely.
  2. If a wreck did happen, it's possible that I would have hit someone in the collision as the cars could have ricocheted in any direction, including at me.
  3. Had I not forseen the possibility of this event and acted on that possibility, the wreck would have been inevitable.

This had me kind of shook up for the rest of the night.