Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obnoxious posting on the net.

If you read around the net, you will notice that for each clique of ideas (technology, fashion, art) there are certain posts that come up on a semi-frequent basis. Here's one I see all the time when problems with Windows (surprise, it's not 100% perfect) are reported:

News: Some problem with Windows has been discovered.
Commentor 1: Simple solution, switch to Linux.
Commentor 2: Linux isn't ready for the mainstream yet.

Flame-war commences.

This is just a variation on a theme. If the topic of P2P, piracy or the RIAA comes up, similar predictable posts show up.
Here is the formula for such posts:
  1. Something is mentioned on the net.
  2. In irrelevant post follows it up.
  3. A naysayer makes an equally retarded post against the initial retarded poster.

In the above example a problem with Windows is brought up, usually in a news article. Even though this problem has nothing to do with whether or not someone should use Linux or any other operating system, someone find it necessary to make the suggestion as if Linux will solve all of your computing woes. Someone rebuttled that Linux is not ready for prime-time, which still doesn't relate to the news article. It is also likely that that person has absolutely no idea what the current state of Linux is or how usable it is. They probably don't realise that it's already in prime-time running many server, Tivos, Linksys routers, cell phones, etc.

So what we end up is a bunch of people filling the internet up with more useless crap.