Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cell Phones

Cell phones have created some weird social norms.  The most commonly brought up weird thing that people do with their cell phones, is use them while sitting on the toilet.
A more annoying trait of cell phone addicts is how the people on their phone get precedence over anything happening in their immediate surroundings.  This can range to the fellow motorists on the road, or the person standing in front of them carrying on a conversation.
Today I was talking to a guy at work (who is an exceptionally nice person by the way) and he gets a phone call from a friend.  Our conversation immediately came to an end so he could talk to his friend on the phone.  A little perturbed, I drew up the above comic to make me feel better.
I come up with comic ideas somewhat frequently, but I rarely have the time to make them a reality before I forget the idea.  This one came to me during my lunch break.

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