Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The job I had applied for, got the position, and then the state wouldn't fund has contacted me. I went in for another interview yesterday. Apparently there is one other applicant they are looking at.
Some of the Tybrin employees where there, but it was for me to be interviewed by the client. I think it went well enough. He wanted to see my personality, work ethic, and ideals. He asked two of those open ended questions, which I always find kind of silly.
The first was how I defined progress. I talked a lot about reorganizing priorities to make bearucracies run smoother.
The second one was more or less designed to throw you off. He said, "A white rabit runs up a tree, falls, and then turns red. Why?" My response was because he died. Not exactly a PC answer, or probably the best one to give in an interview, but it's what came to mind. He said I was only the second to answer the question, with the other being, "How could a rabit climb a tree?" I guess that's good that I'm only the second to answer it. ...
I spent a lot of time discussing my personal opinions on work style, education, and personal experience with computers. I think I did well on each of these.
The interview was very layed back, and I think I did good at giving the impression that I am smart, layed back, and easy to work with. I think these are accurate impressions to give, and my current co-employees and employer would agree.
I really look forward to landing this job, first off because it will mean I'll be making real money finally. Second because it is the exact kind of work I really want to be doing. It is a mixture of different kinds of programming work, database, coding in multiple languages, and web design. They said the current push would be SQL querries, which is also good as I've been doing a fair amount of work personally in SQL and just took two classes in it. I feel that currently SQL is my strong point in the different things I would be doing at Tybrin.
So Kim and I are being cautiously optimistic.