Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last night

Last night, after school, I planned on getting ahead in some school work. Aurora and Athena where already in bed, though not yet asleep, and Kim was itching to go to bed as soon as she could. She watched Arianna while I ate dinner (homemade pizza, sweet!) After dinner I took Arianna. She stayed up to ~11:30pm. It was clearly to late to do any heavy thinking over homework, so I grabbed the latest patches for my Ubuntu Gutsy Beta laptop and tried to hammer out a little homework. I realised while working on the first problem in my Database Design homework that I didn't understand the data presented, deleted all my work, and fell asleep (unintentially) shortly thereafter. I work up around 2:30, shut off my laptop, and crawled in bed.P.S. That baby is so sweet, even when she keeps me up really late.